Why is it so hard to take time to refuel ourselves? It’s a common issue for many people, and especially for instructional influencers. We wear so many hats that it seems impossible to take a day away from school to attend a Think Tank. We talked about this difficulty before heading to lunch, and I asked those in attendance to write a “sticky note response” to the question: What would you tell a colleague who is struggling with making time for Think Tank?

Check out some of the answers…

While it can be stressful to take time away from school, the collaboration with others “like us” is energizing.

I can’t find the things that are offered during Think Tank anywhere else. There is leadership development, collaboration with people in similar roles, and professional learning experiences that sharpen my ability to be a positive influence..

A day filled with useful learning!

Think Tanks are an opportunity to grow as a leader.

Click here for all of the Think Tank dates and locations and make a plan now to attend. It is one of the best professional gifts you can give your future-self!


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