It’s frustrating when students don’t show growth as readers. After dedicating so much time and energy to planning and organizing small group instruction, we want the data to reveal significant growth. 

The heart of effective small group instruction is focused on targeted goal setting. When small groups are falling flat or kids don’t seem to be growing, it can also be tied back to a wobbly goal. 

Join us for the Make Sure Kids Learn in Small Groups workshop so you can feel energized by the growth in your students!

Listen to Gwen Blumberg talk about wobbly goals in this short, one minute clip.

Gwen Blumberg is a dynamic literacy leader for a K-8 school district in Greater Boston. Gwen joined two other practicing educator to tailor a day of professional learning dedicated to making sure kids grow in small group instruction.

Gwen dives into an analogy to help us understand how to analyze data to set goals and plan instruction. She offers a way to discover a full profile of a reader.

Tammy Mulligan is a second grade teacher, and the co-author of It’s All About the Books and Assessment in Perspective. In this workshop she teaches how to create an instructional plan, including quick and frequent practice for those who need it.

Dana Murphy is a reading specialist outside of Chicago. She blogged at Two Writing Teachers, and has served as an instructional coach and elementary teacher. Dana will guide us in selecting engaging instructional strategies for comprehension and vocabulary.



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