Gwen Blumberg joins the Boston Roller Derby for a series of skills classes and immediately makes connections to the way students must feel when learning the complexity of reading. She shares how the importance of learning something new (especially something we aren’t good at) helps us remember the importance of joy to learning.



Over 100 educators joined The Lead Learners for our 2023 Elementary Workshop: Making Sure Kids Grow in Small Groups. We brought three practitioners who carry full-time contracts with schools to help us ensure that students grow through small group instruction. 97% of participants said they felt more equipped to make a positive difference because of this workshop. Here is what one participant said—

Workshops facilitated by educators with their boots on the ground in classrooms is priceless! They bring authentic strategies that fit what we are working with everyday, and the format The Lead Learners workshops gives us the time to implement the strategies with our team at the workshop.

We leave better equipped and ready to grow kids instead of full of great ideas that we take back with no time to implement.

—Mary Brower, Wawasee Schools, Lit Cadre Coach

98% of participants said they would recommend this workshop to others. Be on the lookout because next month we’ll release more dates for this meaningful workshop.


Unplug for a full 24 hours! This is a practice I’ve been attempting each week for the last 6 months. It’s not the easiest discipline, but I’m always grateful for the way I’m reenergized when I’m strict with unplugging for 24 hours. Be kind to yourself and give it a try!


Winter Refresh | February 1, 2024 | Join Virtually or at a Satellite Site

Give your future-self a gift of renewal. Join The Lead Learners to recharge, learn, and sharpen our skills to make a positive change with a day about Navigating Change and Understanding Who You Need to Be for the People You Serve. Gwen Blumberg and Brian Sepe join me, Ruth Ayres, for purposeful and practical learning just for instructional influencers.


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