Download a PDF of this quote and put it someplace it will remind you of the power of a professional community.

I am glad you found your way to The Lead Learners network. We are an eclectic and friendly group of educators who are often in solitary positions with the potential to influence positive change in our schools and districts.

Sometimes it is easy to feel alone and insignificant in the daily grind of school life. Margaret Mead reminds us of the power of community—even a small community.

We look forward to connecting you with others who are in similar positions in other schools. It helps us to build knowledge and dream bigger. We are always better together!

Take time to download and print this guiding quote from Margaret Mead. You can cut it apart and stick it in a place you’ll see it often. You can use the other one to write a note to encourage someone.

If you want to be really fancy, get a 5×7 frame to display it.


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