Brené Brown wants us to believe that, “sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.” Showing up can be a little lonely, especially if you are the one and only

  • instructional coach or
  • reading specialist or
  • STEM coordinator or
  • [fill in your job title]

in your school.

    Jonathan Winslow and Sue Shollenberger share the ways The Lead Learners network helps them thrive professionally. Jonathan is an instructional coach, and Sue is a reading specialist.

    You do not have to be alone (or lonely) in being an instructional influencer. Join The Lead Learners network to begin making professional connections. You can make positive change happen in your school!

    Sign up for the Start Here series in order to find out more about The Lead Learners and get a feel for our vibe. Your first email includes a printable quote and many other useful and practical goodies follow.


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