Are you hoping to make global connections for your classroom? The GRA — Global Read Aloud — is just what you’ve been looking for! Penille Ripp set out to connect the world through one book. In just a few turns of the globe, the whole wide world is connected every October – November through Global Read Aloud. It’s time to start thinking about connecting your classroom this school year.

I promise, this is NOT ONE MORE THING.

I promise, you have time.

I promise, the tech is possible.

I promise, it’s the easiest way to make global connections.

I promise, your kids will be changed forever (and you will too).

In signature Pernille-style, she has made it possible for all of us to join her and feel welcomed in the Global Read Aloud.

All you have to do is go to the Global Read Aloud website. Fill out the form and she’ll start showing up in your inbox.

You can read this post (with a video message from Pernille) for those who are new to the Global Read Aloud.

There are books for all levels. Check out the books here.

Currently on the Global Read Aloud blog, there are 20 (!!!) FREE Skype visits up for giveaways from Elana K. Arnold, author of the Early Reader Choice. All you need to do is enter your name before September 16 for a chance to win.

I hope you’ll sign up to join the Global Read Aloud and invite EVERYONE in your school to join too. There are over a million students, from 70 countries already signed up for the Global Read Aloud. However, as Pernille points out, “it doesn’t really matter how many are signed up, there only needs to be two for a connection.” I’m sure there’s a classroom out there just waiting for YOU!

PS — Pernille will be joining us for The Lead Learners 2019 Summer Institute! Woot! Woot!


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