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Coaches, Directors, Principals, Lead Teachers — you don’t want to miss this INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY!

We are pleased to host Stephanie Affinito for a 2 day conversation on how technology and digital tools impact teacher learning and collaboration. Although Stephanie anchors her work in literacy, we believe technology and other instructional coaches will find time with Stephanie valuable.

We are excited to offer flexible options to meet the diverse needs of educators. You may attend one day or both days. Day 2 will have a special focus on the principal and coach relationship. The days compliment one another, but are not dependent on one another. This means you can attend both or just one.

Stephanie, a former classroom teacher and literacy specialist, is a literacy teacher educator at the University of Albany. She has a deep love for literacy coaching and supporting teachers’ learning through technology, and she presents nationally on this topic.

Click here for more information and to register for the workshop.

Let us know if you plan to attend (or if you have questions) in the comments!


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