My smile is great big because I’m so happy!

Hello friends,

Once a month, I’ll write a little note to you just to keep in touch. As a recovering perfectionist, it’s important that I don’t put too many rules on recurring blog posts. It’s too much stress…which is the truth of rules in general. Too many rules stress people. (One more reason I’m an advocate for “Just 2 Rules” in classrooms. Click back a post read the post I wrote about classroom rules.)

Instead of a formulaic post, I’m planning to write notes just to keep in touch. It’ll help you know what’s happening and what I’m dreaming.

I’m super excited about all of the professional learning we have lined up for this school year. We packed in national presenters and I hope you’ll be able to attend one. Consortium members may attend these workshops for free and others may attend for the low price of $150.

If reading instruction and assessment are on your mind, then I hope you will plan to join national presenters Clare Landrigan and Tammy Mulligan. They have a deep knowledge of supporting readers as well as a genuine heart for offering meaningful professional development for teachers. We are hosting them for three days — each day is an identical workshop. Click here for more information.

Stephanie Affinito, author of Literacy Coaching: Transforming Teaching and Learning with Digital Tools and Technology, will be joining us for a two day conversation. The days are designed to stand alone and compliment one another. Day 2 will be angled for principals. Click here for more information.

Stella Villalba will be joining us to strengthen our understandings and passion for EL and Refuge Students. Stella divides her everyday life teaching English language learners for one part of the day as she has been doing for 18 years. The other part of her day includes collaborating and coaching teachers across the Dublin, Ohio school district, bridging understandings regarding teaching ELLs. Stella is currently a Lead Ambassador for NCTE. She is passionate about languages, literacy and culture. She loves her city of Columbus and shares it with as many people was possible.She will help us link our learning throughout the year by starting the conversation in October and continuing it in spring.Click here for more information.

Christy Rush Levine is a special addition for middle school teachers. She is an 8th grade language arts teacher and college instructor in Illinois. She believes effective teaching involves a lot of watching, listening, and planning. Christy writes for Choice Literacy and has been published in the NCTE journal Voices from the Middle. She has presented at All-Write and the Illinois Reading Council Conference in addition to consulting with local schools. She has a passion for reaching middle school readers and writers by connecting them with meaningful and timely social issues. Click here for more information.

In addition, I’m super excited about our THINK TANKS. These are monthly meetings are for instructional leaders throughout the consortium come together to collaborate and learn. We focus on understanding the work of national presenters, in order to prepare others to get the most out of spending time with them in workshops. We also keep a pulse on the latest thinking and conversations in the field through individualize professional learning groups. Finally, we take time to think deeply about the unique needs of adult learners. Check out more about the Think Tanks by clicking here.

My big dream is to figure out meaningful and timely webinars. I’m sure they will be clunky in the beginning, but it’s my hope that with practice, we find our footing. Webinars are valuable sources of professional development and I look forward to linking the learning from different places into useful and accessible bits for educators.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what your professional dreams are this school year. I’d love to work together!

Shine on,


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