It’s the holiday season — we can tell because the leaves are falling, the sky is grey, piles are growing on our desks  and kids are starting to fall apart in our classrooms. Even though the holidays may bring warm feelings and the thought of breaks and time away from school is exciting, for many kids it brings fear.

Not only is the weather changing, but the reality for many kids is sinking in that they are about to be cold because their homes have no heat or hungry because school isn’t going to be open for breakfast and lunch. The routines are changing and they are feeling a scared.

Scared kids fall apart a little bit. They may be hiding under hoodies or chucking erasers across the room. They might be a little more snarky or a little more gruff. Let’s remember they are stressed kids, not willfully disobedient kids.

My guess is the stress is catching up with you, too. Although you probably handle it a little better than some of the kiddos in your classroom, there’s a good chance that you might be eating a little more sugar than usual or skipping your regular exercise routine. Maybe you’re sleeping more or sleeping less. Stress plays a role in all of our lives.

This holiday season, will you join me in fighting back with gratitude? 

Let’s be inspired by Kid Presidents and his 25 Things to Be Thankful For.

I hope you have four minutes to click the video. You’ll smile, and while you’re inspired, take one more minute to name some of the things  you’re thankful for in the comments. 

*Image from “15 Thoughtful Quotes about Gratitude” by Lydia Sweatt from Success Magazine.


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