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I am excited to host Christy Rush-Levine, an eighth grade language arts teacher from the suburbs of Chicago. She is the real-deal and not only influences the students in her class, but she inspires teachers through her writing and speaking.

This workshop is especially for middle school language arts teachers who are trying to figure out the way workshop can empower students as readers and writers, as well as meet the high demands of secondary standards. Those who teach upper elementary and struggle with whether workshop prepares students for middle school will benefit from a day with Christy. Finally, high school teachers who are open to workshop instruction will want to attend.

I asked Christy to answer three questions as a way to get to know her. Beware! If you watch this short clip, you will find yourself making sub plans in order to attend a day with Christy Rush-Levine! Click here to “meet” Christy.

Christy plans to touch on the following topics:

  • How to fit in meaningful reading conferences
  • Balancing shared text with independent reading
  • Building choice into reader’s response
  • Supporting independent reading (time, choice, book talks)
  • Leveraging talk to enhance comprehension
  • Assessing readers

You can find out more about A Day with Christy Rush-Levine by clicking here. Feel free to pass along the information to your favorite middle school language arts teacher.


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