Pam Hamilton is an instructional coach and a resource queen. She finds the best information about teaching readers and writers. I’m very happy that she has agreed to offer monthly literacy links for our little blog. We are all in for treat!


Pam Hamilton, the Resource Queen!

Literacy Links


How Do I Confer With a Student Who’s Reading a Book That I Haven’t Read?

8 tips for conferring with students when you’re unfamiliar with the book

Tips to Help Students Develop the Independence They Need So You Can Confer

7 ideas for establishing independent reading in your classroom


How Can I Use Conferring to Help Readers Who Just Seem to Hop From One Book to the Next?

5 tips to help those readers who have a difficult time committing to a book.


Why Confer With Readers?

10 compelling reasons why we should be conferring with readers

**most of these work for writing conferences, too!


5 Tips To Be a “REAL” Reader With Your Students

Tips to infuse more of your reading life into your teaching


Steal Back the Minutes! Finding Extra Time in Your Literacy Block

5 tips to save you at least 2 minutes and potentially 8 minutes in your literacy block


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