Picture a bold, impassioned educator who goes on an unabashed rant about Accelerated Reader on Youtube. (If you want to see this brilliant video, view it here!) Imagine a book that is an amazing curation of creative writing prompts and responses written by famous children’s book authors like Kate DiCamillo and Dav Pilkey. Envision a podcast discussing books and a blog written for book nerds like yourself.

Well, you don’t have to just imagine any of the above any longer.  

Colby Sharp is a writer, blogger, vlogger, teacher, and dreamer who has not only imagined the possibilities of sharing a love of literacy, but has made them a reality.

Colby Sharp, along with Donalyn Miller, is the co-founder of The Nerdy Book Club blog. This blog includes guest writers who give book talks, insights, and reflections on all genres of children’s literature. It is my go to place when I need a book suggestion for a topic, a genre, or character education.

Mr. Sharp also has his own Youtube channel  on which he warmly begins each video with, “Hello friends.” As you watch, you may feel like Colby is your kindred spirit. I know I do! The videos include interviews with authors and illustrators, book talks, and peeks into his 5th grade classroom in Parma, MI. The energy and enthusiasm with which Mr. Sharp shares his love of books will send you racing to the nearest library. After seeing his book talk on “The Journey of Little Charlie” by Christopher Paul Curtis, I promptly moved that book to the top of my “to be read” stack. (Which I must admit, is getting a tad out of control! Thank you, Colby Sharp for that!) Mr. Sharp also co-hosts a podcast, The Yarn.


 And if blogging, vlogging, and teaching weren’t enough, Colby Sharp decided to author a book titled The Creativity Project. Every educator should read this powerful book! According to Mr. Sharp, “Chances are that while you are reading, your arm will start to wiggle. Your fingers will search for something to write with, and your brain will start thinking of what you would do if I sent the prompts in the mail to you.” This book of writing prompts and authors’ responses will energize both you and your students to creatively imagine, write, draw, and tell your stories; stories that MUST be told.

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Guest Writer: Dana Clutter is a fourth grade teacher at Pierceton Elementary School and children’s book author wanna-be.  Read more from Dana at @DanaClutter  or on her blog classclutter.wordpress.com/


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