Hello! This is the site for The Lead Learners, a consortium of nearly 30 schools in northern Indiana and southern Michigan. You may know us from our original beginnings as All Write.

The consortium’s original mission was to provide professional development for writing instruction, wrapping strong arms around instructional coaches who were focused on supporting writing workshop in classrooms.

Over the years we’ve grown. Many coaches have shifted from only a writing focus to all content areas, and All Write has expanded from writing to reading to math.

In June 2018 long time director Mindy Hoffar will retire. The Dekko Foundation, who lavishly inspired and funded the start up and growth of All Write, is again supporting us with a grant titled, All Write: The Next Generation.

Dekko is helping us to make a smooth transition to a new director, as well as claiming a plot online. Through Dekko’s considerate grant, we have engaged in strategic planning, establishing an online presence, and added two half time positions to the team.

I’m Ruth Ayres, the incoming director, and am learning the ropes from Mindy this year. Inga Omondi is the tech coordinator. She is working diligently to spread the word about our many professional development events.

Our dream for this blog is to feature the voices of instructional leaders (teachers, coaches, administrators and students) to share the remarkable work happening to empower student-centered learning in the consortium.

We’ll launch the blog later this year. Our first focus is gearing up for Summer Institute 2018.

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