23-24 Coach-to-Coach Cameras-On Zoom Network


You won’t want to miss being part of a supportive and inspiring network just for instructional coaches. Meet virtually once a month to keep your professional goals fresh and stay accountable for your next steps as a coach.

Primary Audience: Instructional Coaches


23-24 Coach-to-Coach Cameras-On Zoom Network

Primary Audience: Instructional Coaches

  • Make connections with other coaches

  • Refine your skills for working with adult learners

  • Build confidence in being a positive change agent in your school

Meeting Dates and Topics

*All meetings are at 12 noon Eastern Time. We do not share a recording of the meetings.

August 17 TH: Develop Your Coaching Heart (What do you do?)

September 12 T: Building a Schoolwide Coaching Culture

October 19 TH: The Power of Gratitude (and How Attitudes are Contagious)

November 21 T: A 30-Day Coaching Challenge

December 14 TH: Mid-Year Reflection

January 30 T: Transcripts as a Coaching Tool

February 22 TH: Drop-in Visits

March 20 W: Coaching Menus

April 25 TH: What’s your signature move?

May 21 T: Making Celebration a Routine

Meeting Agenda

Welcome and Inspiration (5 minutes)
Topic Overview (10 minutes)
Breakout Room Conversations (10 minutes)
Helpful Highlights from the Breakout Rooms (10 minutes)
Reflection and Accountability (5 minutes)

Registration Notes

  • You may register one person at a time. This ensures that each attendee receives direct emails with workshop information.
  • When you register, you will be part of The Lead Learners email list.

Meet Ruth Ayres

Ruth Ayres is the editor in chief of the Choice Literacy site and director of The Lead Learners Network in northern Indiana. She spends her days helping students find meaning in their stories, and encouraging teachers to reflect and refine the art of teaching. Ruth’s background includes work as a middle and high school language arts and science teacher and as a K-12 instructional coach, and writing books, articles, and lots of blog posts. She has written Enticing Hard-to-Reach Writers(Stenhouse, 2017) and many other books. Ruth and her husband, Andy, have four children. When not writing professionally, Ruth collects stories of adoption, faith, and whimsy. Please join her on LinkedIn.


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