This month’s Literacy Links focus on supporting student writers.

Help Students Cite Their Work

In the Indiana writing standards for fourth and fifth grade, W.5 has students “giving credit to the source” (Gr. 4) or “citing the source of information” (Gr. 5). This can be difficult for 4th and 5th graders to do correctly. This post talks about a Chrome extension that makes it easier while still getting the job done!

Assessing Student Writing

Do you find that you spend hours of your life grading and giving wonderful feedback on students’ writing, only to have them make the same mistakes next time? Some helpful suggestions for giving feedback during the writing process, so you’re not spending hours after the writing is finished offering suggestions that aren’t incorporated into their next piece.

On Not Over-Scaffolding Writers

“… if we support too much by telling students specific moves to make in their writing, we rob them of the opportunity to do the thinking work and diminish their writing identity.”

This post was part of November’s roundup, but worth adding to this collection too!

The Writing Process for Perfectionists

This post by Betsy Hubbard includes four videos of children’s authors discussing the process of revision. You can show these videos to your students, so they can see that even well-known, famous authors aren’t satisfied with their first (and sometimes final!) drafts.

IMG_0824 (1) Guest Writer: PAM HAMILTON is in her 25th year as an educator and her 6th year as an Intermediate Literacy Coach for Middlebury Community Schools. She loves being able to support teachers in their literacy teaching and learning! Most importantly, she is wife to Steve and mama to two beautiful daughters, Allie and Peyton.


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