This month’s Literacy Links dive into teaching and scaffolding writers.

Using Google Forms for Writing (or Reading) Conferences

This blog post makes it sound really pretty simple–and she’s created the form for you!–to use Google forms in your writing (or reading) conferences. Just make sure you copy the form first!! (You’ll know what I mean once you read the post!) 😉


Displaying Student Writing

Advice for displaying student work. Do you ever worry about displaying your students’ writing for the public to view? Here are some great suggestions (I especially like the suggestion of giving your reader a lens to read with!).


Using Speech Bubbles in Reading

Use speech bubbles as a tool to help your readers go deeper into their reading.


Creating a Character for Fictional Narrative Writing

Writers need to develop really strong characters for their fictional pieces. This post has some tips for helping them get there.


Getting Out of Our Own Way As Writers

Writers need time to think, but they also need to write! A post about helping students get out of their own way and just write something!


From Dependent to Independent

Helping writers develop independence during Writer’s Workshop. Includes a very helpful, “When writers say…we can say…” section!


On Not Over-Scaffolding Writers

“… if we support too much by telling students specific moves to make in their writing, we rob them of the opportunity to do the thinking work and diminish their writing identity.”

IMG_0824 (1)Guest Writer: PAM HAMILTON is in her 25th year as an educator and her 6th year as an Intermediate Literacy Coach for Middlebury Community Schools. She loves being able to support teachers in their literacy teaching and learning! Most importantly, she is wife to Steve and mama to two beautiful daughters, Allie and Peyton.


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