Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 8.22.23 AM.pngI have been following Stephanie Harvey’s work since I first started teaching over 25 years ago. Her work provides accessible instructional strategies to teachers as they help students find success with navigating reading and writing. Her specialties include engagement in teaching and learning, comprehension instruction and strategies, inquiry-based learning, reading and writing in the content areas, and nonfiction literacy.

Stephanie has spent her career teaching and learning about reading and writing as an elementary teacher, special education teacher and staff developer. She is a teacher first and foremost and currently serves as a private literacy consultant to schools and school districts. She conducts keynote speeches, presentations, workshops, demonstration lessons, coaching sessions and ongoing consultation to teachers, reading specialists, literacy coaches, principals and district administrators.

I am excited to attend Stephanie Harvey’s sessions during the Summer Institute 2018. I know I will walk away with many new ideas and a renewed sense of excitement for teaching reading and writing. All of Stephanie’s sessions I have attended in the past have been so worthwhile and engaging. She gives teachers practical strategies to use immediately in their classroom. With her ideas I have been able to give students some amazing opportunities during reading and writing, as well as, provide time for students to think deeply about texts.

Everyone should take the opportunity to attend at least one of Stephanie’s sessions during the Summer Institute. Teachers, reading specialists, literacy coaches, and administrators will come away with engaging and meaningful strategies to use immediately as they continue their work with students. When students are given opportunities to be curious, passionate, and active thinkers while reading and writing, their understanding of things will continue to grow in every subject and context. Take the time to attend Stephanie’s sessions this summer. You will leave inspired and ready to foster passion and curiosity with your students.

photoDeanean Pashea is an instructional coach for East Noble School Corporation. She works with teachers at Northside Elementary and Southside Elementary Schools.


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