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I love Susan O’Connell’s work because of her common sense, hands-on approach to teaching mathematics.  Her books are filled with engaging strategies and activities that solidify students’ conceptual understanding of math.  She is a former elementary teacher and math coach who provides the nuts-and-bolts needed to instruct today’s math students in ways that promote understanding the “why” behind the math, not just the “how”.  

Susan has spent a lifetime working with students and teachers and has authored several books.  She is currently a national speaker and educational consultant who provides outstanding professional development for K-5 math teachers and administrators.  She knows what it’s like in the classroom, and her background provides teachers with a blue print for reaching all students.

I look forward to attending several of Ms. O’Connell’s sessions at Summer Institute 2018 because I’ve read several of her books and have found her ideas to be beneficial in classrooms I’ve worked.  Her work has not only improved the math understanding of the students with whom I’ve worked, but it has strengthened my confidence as a mathematics educator. Her books have shown me how to excite and empower students in ways that promote a growth mindset, and I look forward to hearing her speak live-time.  

Learning mathematics is more than memorizing facts and algorithms.  Sue will show teachers how to help students acquire a repertoire of strategies so that they may become proficient mathematicians who make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.  I encourage all K-5 math educators, no matter their experience level, to attend at least one of her sessions this summer. It is my belief that they won’t be disappointed!

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Guest Writer: DEB EVANS is an instructional coach for Lakeland Schools.


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